A little history

A little history

We sit on land previously known as the Manor of Guiseley. In 1801, the farmland was divided into parts before being auctioned for sale. The Clapham family ran the former farmhouse in 1874 with a possibility of running a beer house here too. Confirmation of the premises being used as a beer house are confirmed by a lease dated July 1915. Mr. Hudson was the tenant before the outbreak of the 2nd World War, unfortunately before this time brewery records of tenants were poor. When war broke out Mrs. Hudson was left to run our beerhouse alone however the brewery eventually took over and employed her as a manger.

In 1950 parts of the farmland were eventually sold and the following year the Royalty was granted a full license to serve wines and spirits. The license continues to this day however after a period of closure and extensive refurbishment we re-opened in March 2014. Mr. Danny Walker became the current independent owner in April 2015. Danny says;

“I have a real passion for great service and locally sourced quality produce, whether it be meat we source from a Local butcher or the Cask Ale’s from around the region.”

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